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The watches in the TIME CAPSULES collection are exceptional pieces. One-of-a-kind models or limited series inspired by FOB PARIS iconics, made with artists and craftsmen, they are at the forefront of FOB PARIS’ technical and aesthetic exploration. Discover our latest collaborations.

Fob Paris x Parts of four

The universe of PARTS OF FOUR, the avant-garde jewelry designer, resonates with the one developed by FOB PARIS through its collections.
When FOB PARIS works on Time, PARTS OF FOUR, works on matter.
The crossroad between their two worlds are undeniable and reflected through their collaboration: raw creations and minimalist atmosphere, boldness and uniqueness of design, highlighting of craftsmanship, meticulousness in the choice of materials and the association of colors.


Fob Paris x Gaspard Hex

FOB PARIS collaborated with the Parisian designer Gaspard Hex to create a limited edition.
Inspired by several antique mythologies or animated with a futuristic spirit, Gaspard Hex works on matter with his own techniques. This collaboration naturally articulates around a special craft of the matter. Unique watches that give way to the strength of elements.


Fob Paris x Eric Giroud

FOB PARIS meets Eric Giroud, one of the greatest contemporary watch designer, who drew for the most prestigious luxury watch Maisons.
The FOB PARIS x Eric Giroud collaborations draws its inspiration from the « Clous de Paris » pattern : the dial decoration used since the 16th century, which is very present in fine watchmaking, is reworked for this occasion in a more brutalist aspect for a perfectly minimalist dial.