Time explorers

FOB PARIS is a French watchmaking studio, which designs each piece of its collections as creations.

The three creators of the brand, engineers by training and childhood friends, are passionate about for aesthetics and technique, and draw their inspiration from the past, and their fascination for the future. They create watches that are not just timepieces, but real jewelry. Which do not indicate the time, but are a physical representation of it.


We see time as a space of freedom. An opportunity to explore. Discover. Time is not a line. Time is a dimension through which we travel. The lines are only mathematical abstractions.

We do not live in the present, neither in the past, nor in the future. The past inspires, nourishes. And the future fascinates. We live at the intersection of the three.
Here. There, everywhere. Every moment.

We believe in watchmaking that not only indicates time, but is a physical representation of it. Jewels that do not belong to any era, but reflect the complexity of time.

Know How

All FOB PARIS watches are made in France, assembled by hand in Besançon, in a family-owned workshop, passed down from father to son for four generations.

FOB PARIS watches all work without batteries, with their automatic or solar movements made in Japan. The cases are machined from stainless steel, treated with the highest quality of PVD colouring. The wristwatches are all fitted with a sapphire crystal.

The brand's designers work very closely with a network of art and craftspeople to develop exclusive pieces, revealed each season within the TIME CAPSULES collection.

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